Fortnite Concept – Custom Calling Cards to Replace Banners

Here is a concept for a new Fortnite customizable item which could replace banners. Banners are a cosmetic in Fortnite and can be earned by...
Fortnite Item Shop Redesign Concept

New Fortnite Item Shop Redesign Concept

The Fortnite Item Shop can be crowded at times, so here's a concept one Reddit user has made to improve it. The Fortnite Item Shop...
Season 8 Tier 100 Battle Pass Luxe Skin

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass Tier 100 Luxe Skin Different Styles Concept

The tier 100 for Fortnite Season 8, Luxe, only has different color styles, but a fan has created different styles for the skin which...
Different Tiered Chests Concept for Fortnite Battle Royale

Should This Tiered Treasure Chests Concept be Added to Fortnite Battle Royale?

There are six different tiered chests in Fortnite Save the World, but could these be introduced to the Battle Royale mode? Here's how it...
Fortnite Wall Edit Concepts

New Fortnite Wall Edits Concept

Some Fortnite fans have thought of new wall edits that should be added to the game. One of the main features that separates Fortnite from...
Resurrection Stone Fortnite Concept

Fortnite Resurrection Stone Concept

A Fortnite fan has thought of a concept in which eliminated teammates can be resurrected and drop back into the game. Epic Games update Fortnite...
Fortnite Wrap Concepts

Three New Fortnite Wrap Concepts

Fortnite fans have thought of three new concepts for a wrap that could be implemented in the game.  Wraps were first introduced to Fortnite in...
Cube image

New Fortnite Wrap Concept Inspired by Kevin the Cube

Players have been coming up with interesting concepts Epic could implement into Fortnite. Here's a concept inspired by Kevin the Cube and the Dark...
Fortnite Season 7 Theory Ice King

Fan Theory for Season 7 Storyline, What the Snowfall Skin Will be and the...

Fans have theorized the storyline for Season 7 and what the theme could be for the next season. Epic Games have been focusing more on...
Fortnite Looting Changes Concept

Fortnite Fan Comes up With New Idea For Looting Early Game

A fan has thought of an interesting idea to improve the current looting system in Fortnite. Looting is a necessity in Fortnite and the quicker...