Names and Rarities of the Upcoming v6.0 Leaked Skins & Cosmetics

Names and Rarities of the Upcoming v6.0 Leaked Skins & Cosmetics

Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale started today, and with it came all new Battle Pass  cosmetics, as well as leaked skins & cosmetics...
Fortnite Season 8 Discovery Challenge Week 10 Loading Screen Leaked

Fortnite Season 8, Week 10 Challenges

Here are the official challenges for Fortnite Season 8, Week 10. Week 10 is already here in Fortnite Battle Royale and these will be the...
Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite World Cup – Competitive Season 2018-2019

Epic have announced the Fortnite World Cup as the eSports initiative for Fortnite. They have posted a blog post explaining more about the $100...
Solo Showdown Spray

Unique Spray for Solo Showdown LTM has been Released

Players that competed in the Solo Showdown LTM and were able to complete 50 matches have been awarded with a unique spray as promised....
Red Knight Lover Ranger Raven Ice Sculptures

Leaks Suggest Red Knight and other Fortnite Skins Will Have Winter Variants

Epic released Season 7 (v7.00) on Thursday, which brought a host of new content to the game including planes, map changes and new Battle...
v8.30 Leaked Wraps in game

All Leaked v8.30 Fortnite Wraps In-Game Footage

There were a few Fortnite wraps that were leaked from this week's v8.30 update, and dataminers have showcased them in-game. In the latest Fortnite patch...
Top 10 Fortnite Rarest Emotes

Here are the 10 Rarest Item Shop Emotes in Fortnite Right Now

Curious about which Fortnite emotes have been out of the shop for at least 100 days? We have the top ten here. Epic Games are...
Fortnite 2020 Annual Pass

Fortnite Chapter 2 Annual Pass 2020 Leaked with new cosmetics

It looks like Epic will be releasing a Fortnite Annual Pass in the near future if leaks are correct. UPDATE: Eurogamer have since reached out to...

Fortnite X Batman Collaboration “Welcome To Gotham City” Challenges Leaked

Dataminers have leaked cosmetics and items that suggest we'll be getting a Fortnite X Batman collaboration including "Welcome to Gotham City" challenges. Epic announced that...
Fortnite X Battle Breakers

Fortnite X Battle Breakers: How to get Razor Free Fortnite Skin & Back Bling...

Here's what has been confirmed and what we know about possible Fortnite X Battle Breakers rewards including a free Fortnite skin and back bling. Epic...