Fatal fields pumpkin

All Fortnite Map Changes in V6.2

Epic Games released v6.2 today which introduced the Fortnitemares event in both Save the World and Battle Roylale, as well as a new gun,...
Fortnite v6.2 Leaked Skins and Cosmetics

Names & Rarities of Leaked Fortnite Skins/Cosmetics in v6.2

With every update this season, Epic have added new cosmetics to the files and this update is no different! We had previously reported the...
New Spray Level 100

New Rewards For Players that Reach Level 100

Data-miners have been finding new files that have been added to the recent v6.2 patch and it looks like new files have been added...
Galaxy Skin

The Galaxy Skin will be Getting more Cosmetics

The Galaxy Skin was released as a special promotion with the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Tab S4. With the...
Fortnitemares challenges

Fortnitemares Challenges Part 1 Revealed

Fortnitemares is finally here and the first set of challenges are available now. There are four challenges to complete and once completed, you will...
Hunting Party Loading Screen Week #5

Leaked Hunting Party Loading Screen for Week #5

The Hunting Party challenges have replaced the Road Trip challenges from last season and are completed by simply completing a weeks worth of challenges....

Leaked Fortnite Cosmetics Found in v6.2 – Pickaxes and Gliders

There are new cosmetics that have been added to the files with every update in season 6. We have previously mentioned the skins, back...
Skins Leaked Fortnite v6.2

Leaked Fortnite Skins/Cosmetics Found in v6.2

There are new cosmetics that are added to the files in Fortnite with every update and these are the new skins, back blings, gliders...
Fortnitemares Deadfire challenges

Fortnitemares 2018 Challenges, Deadfire Outfit, Rewards & More

Epic have announced some challenges with the Fortnitemares 2018 Event as well as a new outfit, Deadfire. This new outfit features in-match progression, giving...
Fortnite Weapon - Six Shooter

Fortnite v6.2 Patch Notes – Fortnitemares Event, New Revolver

Epic teased the Fortnitemares event on October 20th, and followed up with two additonal teaser image, and a final image stating when the event...