all leaked items v6.02

New Fortnite Leaked Cosmetics Found in V6.02 – Gliders, Pickaxes & Emotes

The v6.02 patch has gone live and you can read the full patch notes here. With every new update that has downtime, new files...
Fortnite Season 6 Hunting party week 3 loading screen

Fortnite Week 3 & Week 4 Loading Screens Leaked

Today is the release of Fortnite v6.02, and as we usually see with updates requiring a new download, we also see leaks of new...
Skull Squad set

Skull Trooper Challenges, Ghost Portal Back Bling Reward

Epic released the Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger skins back into the Fortnite Item Shop today with some different styles. They also included some...
Skull Squad set

Skull Squad Gear Available in Fortnite

Fortnite's in-game newsfeed has been updated during downtime to showcase the following Skull Squad Gear. This has been update din the v6.02 patch. It...
Skull Trooper Unlockable Styles

The Unlockable Styles for the Skull Trooper & Skull Ranger

We already know that the Skull Trooper is making a return to the Fortnite Item Shop with the new Skull Ranger, but it looks...
Fortnite Quad Launcher Battle Royale

Fortnite v6.02 Patch Notes – Quad Launcher, Disco Domination LTM & More

Epic Games updated the in-game news feed a week ago to tease the Disco Domination LTM, and on Monday teased the Quad launcher. in...
Skull Trooper Fortnite item shop return

Upcoming Halloween Fortnite skins & cosmetics found, Possible Skull Trooper Return

It appears as though we might see the return of the Skull Trooper skin after all the rumours, with a brand new leak from...
Fortnite Quad launcher

Quad Launcher Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

A few weeks ago, we reported on leaks of a flamethrower and quad launcher, found in the v5.3 files, coming to Fortnite Battle Royale....
Rainbow Smash Vs Thunder Crash

Fortnite Rainbow Smash Vs Thunder Crash Pickaxe

The Dark Bomber outfit has finally appeared in the Fortnite Item Shop after much speculation as to how it would be introduced into Fortnite....
Road Trip Week #10 Loading Screen

Epic Teases the Release of the Dark Bomber Skin

A Dark Bomber skin was first teased by Epic in a Season 5 loading screen, and files for the Dark Bomber skin were found...