There are new challenges that are released every week for in Fortnite Battle Royale. The layout of these have been changed slightly from the last season as there are now three free pass challenges and four battle pass challenges every week. The challenges for Season 5, Week 5 are now live in Fortnite and we have a cheat sheet below, created by The Squating Dog, to help you complete all of the challenges for this week:

Cheat Sheet map for Fortnite Season 5, Week 5

Free Pass Challenges

Battle Pass Challenges

The challenges this week have made Junk Junction, Shifty Shafts and Lazy Links popular POIs as many players like to complete their challenges as quickly as possible.

When you have completed all the challenges for this week, you will unlock a Road Trip loading screen. Providing you have completed all the challenges up till now, you will unlock loading screen #5, which contains a hidden Battle Star. The location of this star is on the cheat sheet, but if you want to look at the analysis of the loading screen and see a video showing the exact location of the star, you can see that here.

We are now half way through Season 5, with only 5 more weeks left. Let us know in the comments section below your thoughts on this season so far and which season has been the best.

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1 year ago

Is it okay to publish the challenge map above on instagram?
Credit will be given to fortnite insider