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Current & previous in-game news

  • Red and White

    Red and White

    Vanishing Point Gear, Red Knight Outfit and Crimson Axe available now!

  • The Block

    The Block

    Drop to The Block and explore the newest community creation! Check out the Omega Pyramid made by Directingpete.

  • Roarin' Reptiles

    Roarin' Reptiles

    Dino Guard Gear in the Item Shop now!

  • Lamplight and Darkness

    Lamplight and Darkness

    Moth Command Gear, Omen Outfit and Oracle Axe are available now!

  • Sneaky Snowman

    Sneaky Snowman

    Become a master of disguise.

  • Deep Freeze Bundle

    Deep Freeze Bundle

    The Deep Freeze Bundle is leaving the store after January 21. Don't miss out!

  • Long Live the Queen

    Long Live the Queen

    The Ice Queen Outfit and Icebringer Pickaxe are available now!

  • Winter is Here

    Winter is Here

    The Ice King has unleashed his power across the Battle Royale map! Dive in and take on the icy tempest.

  • Ice Storm Challenges

    Ice Storm Challenges

    Take on the Ice Legion and complete challenges to earn the Winter’s Thorn Glider.

  • Caveman Craze

    Caveman Craze

    Jaeger Outfit and Primal Hunters Gear available now!

  • Settle the Farmstead

    Settle the Farmstead

    Build your masterpiece in Fortnite Creative with new Farmstead Prefabs!

  • Lead the Fray

    Lead the Fray

    Verge Outfit and Modern Mercenary Gear available now!

  • Magic Everywhere

    Magic Everywhere

    Arcane Arts Gear, Raptor Outfit and Party Animal Pickaxe in the Item Shop now!

  • Scoped Revolver

    Scoped Revolver

    Six-shot pistol that packs a punch and provides perfect accuracy at range.

  • Perfectly Balanced

    Perfectly Balanced

    Lace Outfit and Ouroboros Gear available now!