New item has been added to Fortnite Battle Royale called the Eye of the Storm Tracker. There was no mention of this item in the Content V4.2 patch notes. It has been confirmed that the item was not meant to make it into this weeks update and has been removed. There is no guarantee that this item will make a comeback to Fortnite, but it is one of the Backpack items Epic are experimenting with.

Eye of the Storm Tracker Back Pack

Credit Reddit u/Brandon38189 for image.

This item shows where the next storm will be and you can see it in action here:

The new Eye of the Storm Tracker in action! from FortNiteBR

Need help completing the Fortnite Season 4, Week 4 Challenges? Here’s a complete cheat sheet:

Cheat Sheet for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4, Week 4

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I was playing Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile today and this season 7 Powder skin eliminated me. I was fine because I had completed all my challenges until I saw his back bling. It was the Eye Of The Storm Tracker! Is it back? No one has posted about this!