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Fortnite Bug Fixes/Status for V.3.3.0 Coming Tomorrow


It has been announced that V3.3.0 will be released tomorrow, however Epic are still to confirm a time.

As always, Epic are continuously working on bug fixes that players are experiencing in-game and we have complied a list of bugs that have been fixed for the V.3.3.0 update and the status on other bugs.

Loud weapon audio: One of the issues that have been resolved is that the audio of weapons was louder in-game when firing shots than initially intended. The audio has now been decreased for the next update.

Unintended rotation of stairs: This is where players are building stairs on a floor tile and there is an incorrect placement and rotation of stairs. This bug has now been fixed for the next update.

Bullseye Bug fixed. Read more here

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Hunting Rifle does not have a headshot multiplier at close range: The Hunting Rifle has had issues in the past that had been resolved, you can see the issues the Hunting Rifle had when it was first released here. The issue with the Hunting Rifle at the moment is that it does not always have a headshot multiplier at close range. Instead, close range shots are resulting in non-critical damage. This bug has now been fixed and will be released in future updates.

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Teams of 20 Performance: Many players have been experiencing lag in the early game of the Teams of 20 Limited Time Mode. The performance of the servers had improved with a server hotfix that was implemented by Epic on 9th March, however there were some that were still encountering some lag. As the Team of 20 LTM is coming to an end, Epic have stated that they will be archiving this issue so that the server performance can be evaluated if/when this mode returns.

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Let us know if you are experiencing any other issues in the comments section below.

Khadija Saifi
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