A fan has thought of an interesting idea to improve the current looting system in Fortnite.

Looting is a necessity in Fortnite and the quicker this is done, the better, especially early on in the game. Even though the loot is completely random, knowing where to loot could make the difference between life and death in the beginning. With there only being five slots available in the inventory for weapons and items, players have to be very decisive as there is a wide variety for players to choose from. Most players have their preference of where they place specific items, so they can pull out the desired weapon quickly without having to look at their inventory.

Fortnite Looting Changes Concept

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When looting, you could come across a better version of a weapon you are currently holding and if their are still free slots available in your inventory, you will need to drop the weapon you are currently holding to place the new weapon in the desired slot. Although it doesn’t take long to switch out the weapons manually, Reddit user sasseries has thought of a way to change the current looting system to make it easier to switch out weapons:

"Hold to replace current weapon" (TTS Warning) from FortNiteBR

Eric Williamson, Lead Design at Epic Games, had commented on this post with the following, “Great suggestion! We’ll investigate.”

This means that we could see a small change being made to the current looting system in future updates where players will be able to replace the current weapon they have selected with a weapon they want to pick up, even if their inventory is not full.

This would help players to loot a lot faster, but do you think it is necessary to add to the game?