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Fortnite Item Shop – Featured and Daily Items

Fortnite Item Shop - Daily Items
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  1. Eren says:

    Hmmm I don’t know what is this for but meh

    1. That_Stupid_HOE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

      Meh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. Reeeee says:

      its always the same things over and over they should add rambuncution or i think that was the name and they should add take the L from last season

      1. Fransisco says:

        They should add all season items 2&3 in the item shop

        1. Jason says:

          Dude theyre season exclusives they wont re-introduce them, sorry but you missed out ( I did too but people cant seem to grasp the whole SEASON EXCLUSIVE thing I guess)

          1. David says:

            Item shop skins are not season exclusive, as we saw with Red Knight.
            One epic employee even said before it got released in season 4, that Red Knight is not a season exclusive.
            The only skins that are season exclusive is battle pass skins…
            So yes, maybe Skull- and Ghoultropper will come out again.
            Epic also have a reason to release “rare” skins. They stop all account trading and buying, if they just release the skins.
            So you’re wrong. No one has said that they are season exclusive.
            Have a great day.

        2. LTD says:

          fuck no that would destroy the fucking rarity of those skins fuck head. think a little… those skins would be fucking overused.

          1. Vile says:

            Like the use of F in this post. Hardly overused

        3. Jason Paige says:

          That would be soo un fair to the people who earned those skins like the John wick or black knight

      2. Big Al says:

        Take the L was a battle pass emote, retard

        1. bigalsuksdik says:

          so was the black knight, retard.

          1. Azusa says:

            No it wasnt. The Red Knight was a regular shop skin.

          2. Zain says:

            The Black knight was a tier 70 battle pass skin for season 2.

      3. Unknown says:

        Ur crazy if you think they are gonna add back a season 3 battlepass emote,it is season 3 exclusive

      4. Ricky says:

        Take the L was in the season it’s never coming back

    3. Raptor says:

      Just bought my skin today because that’s the skin I always wanted most

  2. Charliethepenguinhoe says:

    I wish vbucks didnt cost so much

    1. LOLOLOL says:


      1. jamyallis says:

        bv ed fuuuymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyc1

    2. Skylor says:

      Me too

    3. anonymuses says:

      well red knight is comming back today sooooooooooooo screw your rarity !!!

    4. #vbucks says:

      My dude agreed #vbucks for wins check us out on instgram and friend XTX on epic and xbox live

  3. Nima nima says:


    1. Legend says:

      Brute gunner
      is ass

      1. UR MOM says:

        But the Brite Bag isn’t and it goes perfectly with the brite bomber and intimidating looking skin or any skin with a hint of pink

  4. Skenderbeg76 says:

    Can am plz v-buck 17.990

  5. Ass hole says:

    It’s my opinion but brite gunner outfit is bullshit …

    1. GangBanger says:

      I think the same

      1. You’re mom says:

        They both are trash

    2. adadsd says:

      Just the backpack is nice xD

      1. Taven Cardinal says:


  6. I think both of the skins are the best but that is my opinion and I also with that v-bucks were cheaper and I can’t wait for the new skins coming out.

  7. Craig says:

    They should add true love. I mean if you guys don’t care then ok. But I do. If there is anyways of giving epic any shop suggestions for tomorrow please reply or send them a message. Pls tell them to add true love.

  8. Brauh says:

    Brite gunner good with brite bag

  9. Daddy says:

    same i think the rex and the tricera opps are fucken shit

    1. eshay says:

      the backpack for the rex is good

      1. Anthony lamy says:

        When the red coming back

  10. Harry says:

    Like that they update this every day!

  11. PewDiePie says:

    Fortnite needs to add Bonus Meme

  12. RocStream says:

    Made a fortnite trolling series , please tell me what you think of my newest episode . Thank you

    1. C says:

      When is the reaper pickaxe coming back and the skull trooper or the crackshot

  13. Chayce says:

    Want the love ranger to come out again and the love bear thing

  14. Alex says:

    Does anyone knows when the raven skin will be back ?

    1. Bob says:

      not for a while it was just in the shop. Wanna give me vbucks tho? plz

  15. Niclas says:

    I wan’t to buy the brite gunner for the back bling!!!!

  16. Love the bright bomber and the bright gunner

  17. RocStream says:

    I’m a new Fortnite YouTuber made a trolling series, could use your guys support to hit 350 subs only 9 away .

    Here’s the latest trolling video

  18. radvar says:

    can you take the burnout back in item shop ?? pls

  19. Okay says:

    Is Electro Shuffle worth it?

    1. NoVa says:

      honestly I think no emote is worth it except the uncommon ones if u dont have a lot of v bucks, if u do then buy it, its cool.

  20. artin says:

    i wish raven come soon in fortnite,i had2000 v-buck to buy it

  21. huehueheu says:

    6/8/2018 was the shittiest itemshop I’ve seen so far.

    1. Sometimes My Nan Smells says:

      Come down to hull ill bang ur head out if you EVEN think the CTL is trash m83

  22. Magor6969 says:

    Hello EG so the fotball outfits will be in the shop on 17th June ????

  23. Tomás says:

    I want the shark Harvesting tool again!!!

  24. Dan says:

    I have a total of 28 skins, 12 legendary. My favorites so far are Flytrap, Raven, Omen, Raptor, and I sorta like the angel but only because of the wings. I’m really waiting for Fate and Warpaint now and then I am good. I wish there was a way to sell/trade in the skins you don’t want or use anymore. I mean other than the Refund option of course…

  25. Dark says:

    I want in the shop Kick ups

  26. Domonic says:

    Please add the shop slow clap

  27. Obie says:

    Add the unicorn harvesting tool in the shop please. I really want it. I’ve been waiting for a while now lol.

  28. reee says:

    Its always the same stuff

  29. Roblox says:

    they should add the emote from season 3 instead of the same ones

  30. Zola says:

    Im on vacation this weekend and i know the fate costume came out on saturday. Its sunday now 10:26am E.S.T. and im hoping i get home in time to buy the fate costume before it leaves the item shop 🙁 How long do you think it will stay?

    1. Fortnite Insider says:

      It’ll probably leave the shop today once the Item Shop changes.

  31. Glamour says:

    I want rainbow smash to be put back into item shop!! I want it really bad. Someone said since the update the unicorns horn doesn’t glow when you get your kills anymore. Does anyone know if it still glows or not?

    1. Khi Kidman says:

      ikr kill me now ive been waiting for 32 days

  32. Arya says:

    A qweschen i bought football player its forever or season 4 only

  33. Dan says:

    I’m now up to 48 skins. Jeez I get so sick of streamers getting donations and for what!? I wouldn’t give anyone my hard earned money. Especially just because they are streaming. And the same goes for you little kids always asking can I please have some vbucks?? Christ get a job or borrow the money your mom makes selling herself lmao. I also hate the loud little 10-12 year olds that completely freak out just for getting shot at! Get over it, it’s the point of the game kiddies. Even the best players die but they don’t go crazy, well some do but they need to realize that is what makes the game so fun. You win some and you lose some. Enjoy yourself and don’t get so freaking serious about getting your gold scar!!! Lol For all of the polite and team-oriented players, bravo, you’re the ones keeping the game fun!

  34. TOPKEK says:

    I’m still waiting for Rockout…..

  35. Ehud r says:

    Whay you dont add the red shild to the skin red nghit

  36. Fortnite og says:

    I am really disappointed that I didn’t get the ghoul trooper of s2 I could’ve i didn’t know what the game was going to be like in the long run like fuck

  37. Selfless says:

    I play this and also buy more skins…but i just want say… im so disappointed.

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