Here are the known Chest spawns in the Fortnite POI Loot Lake in Season 7.

Loot Lake was criticised by fans in previous seasons as there was hardly any loot available in this POI (Point of Interest). Epic Games have completely changed the POI from what it was initially by making Kevin the Cube destroy it and this is where the event had taken place in Season 6. It was renamed Leaky Lake, but at the start of Season 7, it was named Loot Lake again.

There is a lot more chest spawns in the lake itself, making it a much more desirable place to land. Here is a map created by Reddit user Z444Z for potential chest spawn locations. Remember, the spawns are completely random and will not appear in all places in every game, but the map shows known locations of the chest spawns:

Loot Lake Chest Spawns- via Reddit user Z444Z
Loot Lake Chest Spawns- via Reddit user Z444Z

As you can see, there are many locations in which chests can spawn in the lake and it’s best to loot as quickly as possible as there is bound to be enemies around.

One of the challenges for Season 7, Week 7 requires players to open seven chests in Loot Lake or Frosty Flights. Landing in Loot Lake may help you complete the challenge quickly, as there is more chests in this area.

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If you know of any other chest spawns in the Loot Lake, let us know in the comments section below.

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