It’s Thanksgiving today and players might be wondering if there’s any Fortnite skins for Thanksgiving.

Epic Games have released Fortnite skins for different festive period including St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. However, there are some other skins that players perceive to be for other festive periods.

With Thanksgiving being today, players are curious if there are any Thanksgiving Fortnite skins, or if there’ll be any Thanksgiving skins releasing today.

Thanksgiving Fortnite Skins

There are currently no Thanksgiving Fortnite skins in the game. Last year’s Fortnite Item Shop on Thanksgiving didn’t feature any new skins for the holiday, but some players assumed one of the skins that released days prior was the Thanksgiving skin.

The Tender Defender Fortnite skin, a skin which was inspired by a Reddit post, was released four days (UTC) prior to Thanksgiving on November 24th. Players assumed this was a Thanksgiving skin even though it was released before Thanksgiving and the fact that it’s a chicken instead of Turkey further solidifies the fact that it isn’t the case.

Tender Defender Skin
Tender Defender Skin

The closest Thanksgiving Fortnite skins we have are the Oktoberfest skins, Ludwig and Heidi. Those skins however, were not in the Fortnite Item Shop on Thanksgiving last year, so although it’s possible it’ll be in today’s Item Shop, it seems unlikely.

Heidi and Ludwig Fortnite Skins

Players have been asking for a Fortnite Thanksgiving skin for some time now and some have even come up with their own concepts which have been posted on Reddit.

One Reddit user, JinxXParodysPresents, posted a skin concept a few months back for Thanksgiving. As you can expect, the skin is based off a Turkey. The concept includes a male and female version of the skin, a glider thank looks like a turkey, and a turkey leg as a pickaxe.

Fortnite Thanksgiving Turkey Skin Concept
Fortnite Thanksgiving Turkey Skin Concept

There currently aren’t any encrypted Fortnite skins from the v11.20 update that was released last week, so it seems unlikely we’ll get a Thanksgiving skin. However, Epic have managed to add a skin or two that’s gone unnoticed by dataminers and there’s a small chance that could happen again.

Either way, would you purchase a Thanksgiving inspired skin if Epic were ever to release one? It seems unlikely people will want to be running around looking like a turkey, but I guess those that purchased the Tender Defender would be more than happy to do so!

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