There are new warning signs that are showing around the Fortnite map and propaganda signs for recruiting in-game.

The Monster hasn’t been seen in Fortnite for quite sometime, however there is a Robot being built at Pressure Plant, which is likely being built to fight the Monster, although nothing as been confirmed as yet.

The Robot is being built slowly and it seems every two days, the Robot progresses slightly. Earlier today, both of the legs of the Robot have been fully built and according to data-miners, the torso will be the next piece to be built.

Fortnite Robot Progression Stage 4
Fortnite Robot Progression Stage 4

There are now warning signs showing up around the Fortnite map, which is likely warning players about the Monster. These screens are also displaying propaganda posters, which had been previously leaked by data-miners.

Here is the warning sign that can be seen in-game:

Fortnite Warning Signs
Fortnite Warning Signs
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Here are a couple of examples of the posters you will see in-game:

Fortnite Posters Mega Mall - We can build it
Fortnite Posters Mega Mall – We can build it
Fortnite Posters Mega Mall - When danger strikes
Fortnite Posters Mega Mall – When danger strikes

Here is some footage, via @HappyPower of the posters in-game:

In the past, Epic have had some objects in-game which required the community to come together to break these objects in-game, such as the iceberg, and it is possible that the Robot could require something similar in-game, but we will have to wait and see what Epic have in store.

Here are some more propaganda posters that are showing in-game:

Fortnite Propaganda Poster - Duck and Cover
Fortnite Propaganda Poster – Duck and Cover
Fortnite We Want You Propaganda Poster
Fortnite We Want You Propaganda Poster

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Kirby Girl
Kirby Girl

maybe when this Season’s live event (which I think is obvious will be the fight between the Robot Fella and the Iceberg Monster) happens, the poster talking about taking the high ground is implying we should, or will Have To, get to the Floating Platforms that are situated around the map? so we’ll all get a Good Site of the Fight? the Jet Pack poster also implies we’ll have to get a good height off the ground, even the build one could be implying that we’ll have to, again, build up high to get off the ground/get a good view… Read more »


That’s exactly what I was thinking. Getting higher ground will be essential for this live event.

BONUS: Calling it now, the fight between both will have a major impact on some locations or the entire map. I dare say they will break the island in half.