Epic Games continuously find ways to keep Fortnite exciting and one of the ways they do this is by adding new items/weapons to the game. We have recently seen the addition of the Grappler item, which has the following description: “Pulls you to anything it hits! Make a daring escape or close the gap to an enemy player!” This item can be found in Vending Machines, floor loot, Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas and is of Epic rarity. There are 15 charges for the Grappler and it is possible for players to chain multiple shots together, meaning you can travel greater distances. Once all the charges have been depleted, the Grappler will be discarded from players inventory.

Grappler in Fortnite

This item has been a fun addition and is very useful in aiding players to reach enemies in high bases and to push week opponents quicker. However, as there are 15 charges, some players think that it is slightly overpowered and should be limited, such as streamer Nick Eh 30, who has given his opinion on the Grappler on Twitter.

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“Grapple Gun: decrease it from 15 to 5 uses. If you’re building up and have high-ground, the enemy grapples up, you block him, he grapples again, you block him, he grapples again, you block him, etc. It should be this mindset: “I have only 2 uses left, I must carefully plan this” The enemy should only have a limited amount of tries, & each try should be heavily weighted, to take high-ground, using that method. Right now, if the enemy doesn’t get high-ground, at any moment, you have to be ready for a continuous spam of the grapple gun. One second they’re at low-ground, the next second, they’re above you with a double barrel, leaving you no time to react. Personally, I think 15 uses for the Grapple Gun is too many. Thoughts?”

Nick has suggested that instead of having 15 charges, there should only be 5, so that players will be more cautious when using it and it will not be overused, as it very hard to counteract the item, as they will tend to always have the high-ground.

Do you think that changes need to be made to the Grappler or is it fine as it is?