Shopping Carts can be spotted all over Fortnite and they have no use apart from providing metal when broken by players, however files were data mined previously to suggest that the Fortnite Shopping Carts would become ‘driveable’ in future updates. Its seems as though more files, that have been data mined by  on Twitter, reveal more information about the Fortnite Shopping Carts:

It seems as though there is a possibility that more than one player will be able to ride the Fortnite Shopping Carts at a time, as there are files containing the word “Passenger”. Maybe one player will need to be pushing the Shopping Carts for it to move and the passenger will need to steer the Cart by leaning in different directions.

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If this is how the Fortnite Shopping Carts will work, it may be risky for players to be sticking so close together as they could easily be sniped from afar or attacked easier by enemies as it limits players mobility. We are also not aware of how long it will take for players to enter and exit the Carts and so using the Shopping Carts could be more of a hindrance rather than an aid.

However, the Fortnite Shopping Carts may actually help teammates depending on how they could be used. If one teammate is weak they could be pushed in the Shopping Cart by the other teammate whilst they heal to get to a good health. This would definitely benefit teams that need to get out of or outrun the storm whilst still being able to heal when needed.

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There is no information as to when or if these Shopping Carts will be driveable in Fortnite but seems more than likely that it will become reality. Epic have stated before that they would not want to add vehicles to the map, as the current map is easy to get around from one place to another.

Let us know what you think about the Fortnite Shopping Carts in the comments section below.

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I don’t think they will be able to be steered because there is nothing in the data files about steering them so my best guess is they will be used to rush enemy players without steering them while in the cart but able to push the cart around while not in it and then once you see enemy players you’d like to rush you’d hop in the shopping cart and take the enemy players by surprise cause t would be a fast transportation of rushing other players that’s the only way I see them useful