Here’s the location of where the Mowdown Fortnite landmark is in season 2.

The Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 week 4 challenges will be available soon, with the week’s challenges part 2 of TNTina’s Trial. Thanks to dataminers, we know what the challenges are ahead of time.

One of the challenges for this week require players to visit Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, and Risky Reels. We’ve already covered the location of Grumpy Greens here, and in this article, we’ll be showing the location of Mowdown.

Pretty much every Fortnite players know exactly where Risky Reels is on the Chapter 2 map, so there’s no need to cover that landmark location. We’ve linked the location of Grumpy Greens at the bottom of the article.

Unlike previous challenges requiring players to visit different landmarks around the map, this one seems quite easy to complete in just one match. Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, and Risky Reels are all quite close to one another on the map and can realistically be completed in one match. However, if you play Team Rumble, this challenge will be easy to complete regardless of how far apart the landmarks are.

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Mowdown Fortnite Location

The Mowdown Fortnite landmark location was on the new map when it launched for chapter 2 season 1. Mowdown is a reference to the racetrack that was available on the chapter 1 map.

The landmark is a group of lawnmowers lined up ready to race. You can find it at F2 on the map which is south east of Craggy Cliffs and directly west of Steamy Stacks.

Here’s what the Mowdown Fortnite landmark location looks like in-game:

Mowdown Fortnite
Mowdown Fortnite

If you zoom into the map, you’ll notice you can see the Mowdown race track on the map as shown below. You’ll simply need to visit the landmark in order to complete the challenge.

Where to visit Mowdown - Fortnite Challenge Location

Mowdown Map Location

Here’s the link to other location guide for the challenge:

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