Some Fortnite fans have thought of new wall edits that should be added to the game.

One of the main features that separates Fortnite from other Battle Royale games is the building feature. There are four different types of builds you can place; wall, floor, stairs and a pyramid and you can create these from wood, stone or metal. These builds can then be edited and there are a quite a few edits that can be made.

Reddit user Fedolicious has thought of three new edits that could be added to wall edits, as can be seen below:

Wall Edits Concept
Wall Edits Concept

The first edit is for two doors being placed at a time, which could confuse opponents and could help you to get away. The second edit can be used to help players to peak when engaging in a fight with enemies. The third edit will only work if there was a wall placed on either side or above. This could be used to help hide damage traps that are place on the ceiling.

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Reddit user 8BitMemes has thought of a simple wall edit that could be implemented to the game, which he has called the ‘Doggy Door Edit’. He has suggested that players should be able to edit one square on the wall and has demonstrated the edit in the image below:

Fortnite new wall edit concept
Fortnite new wall edit concept

This edit can be used for players that have been knocked to crawl through the gap, making it easier for teammates to pick them up or keep them safe until the enemies have been eliminated. He has also suggested that players should be able to crouch through these gaps as well for a quick getaway.

What do you think of these edits? Do you think they are needed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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