Many data-miners had reported on finding a parachute in the v6.22 update and it seemed as though it was linked to the Hunting Party Skin. The logo that is seen in the files is the same logo that is seen on the leaked Hunting Party Skin, A.I.M. Here are the files that were found for the parachute, found by @FortTory:Hunting party files 2 Hunting party files 1This parachute has actually been spotted on the map in Flush Factory today, as can be seen in the images below, thanks to @horroremployee:Parachute in Flush Factory FortniteLooks like the Hunting Party Skin, A.I.M, has landed in Fortnite Battle Royale, ahead of the challenges set to release very soon. When you complete seven weeks challenges, you will unlock the Hunting Party Skin. Seeing as the week 7 challenges are about to go live for Fortnite, it makes sense that these props were added ahead of time, to mark the presence of the ski. The A.I.M skin if of legendary rarity and can be seen below:

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Hunting Party Skin LEaked

The Back Bling for the Hunting Party skin is called E.L.I.M which is also of legendary rarity and can be seen below:
Hunting Party Back blingIt seems as though the number on the Back Bling will change according to the number of kills you get in-game, but we will find out soon enough if this is true. What are your thoughts on the Hunting Party skin? This could be the start of a new storyline in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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