Two new Fortnite halloween skin styles were leaked for the Castor and Elmira skins in the v10.31 update.

Epic Games have been providing new, free skin styles for skins that have already been released in either the Fortnite Item Shop or through a promotional event. We’ve seen several new Fortnite skin styles added this season with the three skin styles added for Moisty Merman in the v10.30 update being the latest.

In today’s v10.31 Fortnite update, there were several surprising leaks which all but guarantees we’ll be getting a Fortnite X Batman collaboration. Welcome to Gotham City challenges were leaked along with Batman theme weapons and cosmetics. Along with these leaks, popular Twitch streamer Dakotaz leaked two new skin styles that are currently available.

The new skin styles were for the Castor and Elmira skins, and judging by the styles, it seems like these are for Halloween. Here’s a look at the new skin styles. According to some dataminers, these might have been accidentally been made available, but we’ll have to wait and see if this is the case.

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Fortnite Castor and Elmira Leaked Halloween Skin Styles

Fortnite Castor and Elmira new Leaked Skin Styles
Fortnite Castor and Elmira new Leaked Skin Styles

Along with the new skin styles, Castor’s back bling also has a new style, which you can check out in the embedded Tweet below:

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