Looks like Xbox have updated the image for Fortnite early to show the following skins for Season 5:This is the first look at three new skins for Season 5. Xbox have now removed the image.


    • 1st of all, these are only 3 of the skins, 2nd of all, the guy with the mask is pretty cool, mainly because i think his mask will be able to be equipped to any skin like a backbling for ur head.

  1. I have bought every battle pass so far and I ain’t gonna get this one, 10 dollars for a tier 100 skin that is ugly and everyone will have? No thanks, it’s not even gonna be rare. Only skins before season 3 are kinda rare or rare

  2. All y’all mfs saying you aren’t gonna buy the battle pass lying through your teeth. Within 3 hours of release you know damn well you gonna be getting it, ugly skins or not… stop fronting like this season any different from last. Lol SMH. When all the seasons are over e.i season 8 is supposed to be the last reported season…. all the skins are gonna be rare, so Stfu and enjoy the game. Damn.


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