Epic Games had announced a few days ago that Patch V.2.5.0 would be delayed, due to the issues that have arisen lately.

They also shared on their Forum that there will be a new Valentines event, which will feature a love story between the favorite Fortnite Friends in Save the World. They did state that there would be a new weapon, the Crossbow.

Because of this addition to PVE, we think that it is likely that this will be the weapon that Epic had announced will be coming soon to PVP.

Also when it was first announced that there would be a new silenced weapon coming to Battle Royale, they did also say that it would be “silent hunting on a whole new level”. Crossbows are known for hunting so this makes the Crossbow the most likely choice of weapon.

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Let us know what you think the new silenced weapon will be in the comments section below.

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