Here’s a list of the top 20 rarest skins as of December 8th, 2019.

The list of rarest Fortnite skins has changed drastically over the past couple of months. Before October, a number of the Fortnite skins that made the rarest skins list were Halloween or Christmas skins.

Our last list was released on November 10th, 2019. All of the Halloween Fortnite skins were released this year including Ghoul Trooper. We’ve also this month seen a number of rarest Fortnite skins that are Christmas skins be released in the Fortnite Item Shop including Nog Ops, Grimbles, Yuletide, and the Red-Nosed Ranger and Raider skins.

Here’s the list of the 20 rarest Fortnite skins as December 8th 2019 based on their last item shop appearance. You can rate the skins in this list at the bottom of the article.(Yes exclusive skins are rare but this is ITEM SHOP SKINS ONLY. Renegade Raider & Rogue Agent not included)

Rarest Fortnite Skins

The list of Rarest Fortnite skins are listed from 1 to 20 with 1 being the rarest.

  1. Recon Expert (Rare) – Last seen 757 days ago.
    Fortnite Skin - Recon Expert
    Fortnite Skin – Recon Expert

    2. Codename E.L.F. (Rare) – Elusive. Lethal. Festive. – Last seen 677 days ago.

    FortnitFortnite Skin - Codename E.L.Fe Skin Codename E.L.F
    Fortnite Skin – Codename E.L.F

    3. Midnight Ops (Rare) – Strike by night – Last seen 411 days ago.

    Fortnite Skin - Midnight Ops
    Fortnite Skin – Midnight Ops

4. Diecast (Rare) – The die has been cast – Last seen 384 days ago.

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Fortnite Skin - Diecast
Fortnite Skin – Diecast

5. Far Out Man (Epic) – Out of sight – Last seen 378 days ago.

Fortnite Skin - Far Out Man
Fortnite Skin – Far Out Man

6. Sky Stalker (Legendary) – Barrel Roll through the competition – Last seen 367 days ago.

Fortnite Skin - Sky Stalker
Fortnite Skin – Sky Stalker

7. Hacivat (Epic) From lore to legend – Last seen 359 days ago.

Fortnite Skin - Hacivat
Fortnite Skin – Hacivat

8. Brilliant Striker (Rare) – Strike true – Last seen 355 days ago.

Fortnite Skin - Brilliant Striker
Fortnite Skin – Brilliant Striker

9. Circuit Breaker (Rare) – The deadliest keyboard cowboy in the west – Last seen 352 days ago.

Fortnite Skin - Circuit Breaker
Fortnite Skin – Circuit Breaker

10. Krampus (Legendary)Here comes anti-claus… – Last seen 349 days ago.

Krampus Skin
Krampus Skin

11. Glimmer (Legendary)Elegantly reclaiming winter’s crown – Last seen 348 days ago.

Glimmer Fortnite Skin
Glimmer Fortnite Skin

12. Crackshot (Legendary)Get out there and… crack some nuts – Last seen 347 days ago.

Crackshot Skin
Crackshot Skin

13. Crackabella (Epic)She’s a hard nut to crack – Last seen 347 days ago.

Crackabella Skin
Crackabella Skin

14. Merry Marauder (Epic)Sing a slaying song tonight – Last seen 345 days ago.

Merry Marauder Skin
Merry Marauder Skin

15. Ginger Gunner (Epic)Spread some holiday fear – Last seen 345 days ago.

Ginger Gunner Skin
Ginger Gunner Skin

16. Sugarplum (Epic)As sugary sweet as winter berries – Last seen 343 days ago.

Fortnite Sugarplam Skin
Fortnite Sugarplam Skin

17. Slushy Soldier (Epic)Make every day a snow day – Last seen 334 days ago.

Slushy Soldier Skin
Slushy Soldier Skin

18. Radiant Striker (Rare)Strike first – Last seen 332 days ago.

Radiant Striker Skin
Radiant Striker Skin

19. Special Forces (Rare)Rare special forces outfit. – Last seen 319 days ago.

Special Forces Skin
Special Forces Skin

20. Hyperion (Rare)The gladiator of Greasy Grove – Last seen 313 days ago.

Hyperion Skin
Hyperion Skin

Upvote or Downvote your favourite or least favourite rarest Fortnite skins. Check back to see what the list looks like from other voters.

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