An Epic employee has outlined all of the confirmed bug fixes in the upcoming v8.50 Fortnite Update.

Fortnite Season 8 has been plagued with bug issues and glitches, and Epic have been addressing them in updates.

Epic released an update a couple of days ago, v8.40.1, which resolved a number of bug fixes for Battle Royale, Creative Mode and Save the World.

It looks like Epic will continue to address the current bugs in the game with Community coordinator at Epic Games, Sean Hamilton (MrPopoTFS), outlining a number of bug fixes that’ll be coming in the v8.50 patch update. These bugs includes fixing traps being placed in the middle of a tile instead of against a wall, hearing random sounds throughout a match when no one is around including a reloading weapon sound, hold to swap featured not working correctly and more.

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We’ve outlined some of the major changes coming in the v8.50 update. Epic are currently investigating other performance issues being reported.

Ghost Audio Bug

Players have been experiencing a ghost audio bug since the v8.30 update. This bug causes players to hear audio of a player reloading, switching weapons, or getting shot by a sniper rifle when nobody is around.

Ghost Audio Bug
Ghost Audio Bug

Picking Up Weapon Changes

There have been issues reported regarding the hold to swap feature whereby an item would swap when you don’t want it to, or the hold to swap feature won’t work even when holding the “use button”. MrPopoTFS stated, “starting in v8.50, weapon pickup is now on the release of the Use button, rather than on the initial press.”

Trap Placement Bug/Glitch

A number of places have reported issues when using traps. When placing a trap, it’s possible the trap will glitch and place in the middle tile instead of the intended wall. This causes the trap to become indestructible and enemies could also walk past the trap without the trap deploying.

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Server-side Hitmarkers Re-enabled

In a previous update, Epic disabled server-side hit markets which can cause shotguns not to shoot properly or to deal no damage. In the v8.50 update, server-side hit markets will be enabled instead of the current client-side hit markers being used.

Server Side Hitmarkers
Server Side Hitmarkers

There’s been no official release date for the v8.50 update, but it’ll likely release on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. We’ll keep you updated when Epic release an official release date.

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1 year ago

Hey, I was wondering if anyone else was getting the glitch in creative mode specifically in moving zone wars where you have to double tap the button to build and edit. I play on an Xbox One and this happens to me and all my friends all the time. If you see this please help to inform epic games!