Even though the v7.10 update has been delayed, there are some changes that have been announced to be coming when this update drops.

The v7.10 update was initially scheduled to take place on 18th December, however due to some issues that were discovered by Epic, it has been delayed and no new ETA of this update has been announced as yet.

Even though the update has been delayed, Sean Hamilton, Community Coordinator at Epic Games, has posted a few of the changes that will be made to the Stormwing Plane in the next update.

Stormwings will now take 50% more damage from hitting objects

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Stormwings were added in v7.00 and it helps players to get around the map a lot quicker. You are able to hit into objects with the plane, which would not cause any damage to the plane, but this will be changing in v7.10. The planes will now take 50% more damage from hitting objects but boosting will reduce the damage taken by impacts by 50%.

Damage to players that are in a destroyed Stormwing is increasing

When Stormwings were first introduced, players that are in the plane when it is destroyed did not incur any damage. This was changed so that players would incur 25hp damage when the plane is destroyed . This will be increased in v7.10 to 50hp and the damage will only be taken from health and not shield.

Stormwings will take more damage from destroying structures

It has been really frustrating from some players that die from fall damage as an enemy is easily able to destroy structured without incurring too much damage. The amount of damage a plane will take from flying through structures will be increased in v7.10.

Performance Issues Fixed

There have been a few performance issues with the plane which would reduce the frame rate and the movement did not look right. This has been fixed and will be implemented in the next update.

Upcoming Stormwing Changes in Fortnite
Upcoming Stormwing Changes in Fortnite

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