There were a few Fortnite wraps that were leaked from this week’s v8.30 update, and dataminers have showcased them in-game.

In the latest Fortnite patch update, v8.30, Epic added in a number of files and as usual, dataminers leaked them as soon as the new update was available to download.

The new files included the week 7 Discovery challenge loading screen that was leaked, a number of new cosmetics and a new Shadow Bomb item that’ll likely be coming before Season 8 ends.

There were four wraps that were leaked in the v8.30 files, one of which was released in last nights Item shop.

One of the wraps has no name, rarity or description, however, two of the wraps that were leaked, Digital Grayscale and Bundmark, can be seen in-game below thanks to Fortnite leaker Guille-Gag

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Digital Grayscale Wrap – Uncommon – Show your style

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Burnmark Wrap – Uncommon – Show your style

There’s still two leaked wraps that were released in previous updates that are yet to be leaked, Heat and the wrap that’ll be part of the upcoming Inferno pack.

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Digital Grayscale and Burnmark are likely going to be in the shop within the new few days. There’s another patch update next week, v8.40, that will likely bring more cosmetics leaks.

Will you be buying the Digital Grayscale or Burnmark wraps? Let us know in the comments section below.

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