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Birthday Cakes Fortnite: where are the birthday cakes in fortnite locations 2020


Here’s all birthday cakes Fortnite locations for the Dance in front of different birthday cakes challenge for season 4, 2020.

Epic Games made the Battle Royale 3rd birthday bash official in an email sent to everyone in the support-a-creator program a few hours before the v14.20 update this week. Epic then confirmed on social media that a birthday event would be coming this weekend with challenges, rewards and a re-theme for the Battle Bus and parts of the map.

The event went live yesterday with the Fortnite birthday challenges are rewards beign made available. The best free cosmetic reward that players are after is the Cakey Wrap and the 3rd birthday back bling. In order to get the back bling, players will need to complete all four challenges.

Fortnite Birthday 2020 Reward - Cakey Wrap
Fortnite Birthday 2020 Reward – Cakey Wrap

To get the Cakey wrap, players will need to dance in front of 10 different birthday cakes spread all over the Fortnite season 4 map. We posted an article on the locations at least an hour before any other site. However, in a rush to get the guide out to help people, we made a couple of mistakes and didn’t show the exact location of each Birthday cake in Fortnite. We’re revisiting our guide with a more in-depth guide for those still needing to complete this challenge.

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Birthday Cakes Fortnite

Where are all the birthday cakes in Fortnite?

Before we begin with all the locations of the birthday cakes in Fortnite, it’s important to note some of the cakes will be in buildings whilst others are outside and easy to spot. The best way to complete this challenge is either to get a helicopter and fly to every location in order to attempt to complete this challenge as quickly as possible, or after you dance at every Fortnite birthday cake, you just leave the game and play another one.

Remember to eat the cake slices that surround the birthday cake in Fortnite as one of the challenges requires players to gain health or shield from birthday cake.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get started with every POI you’ll find a birthday cake location in Fortnite. We’ll start from Misty Meadows and work our way around the map.

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#1 – Misty Meadows

You’ll find a Fortnite birthday cake on the east side of Misty. It’ll be by the stone water fountain outside.

#2 – Slurpy Swamp

This one will be located slightly on the east side. It’ll be located right next to the reboot van.

#3 – Weeping Woods

On the north side of Weeping Woods, you’ll find the birthday cake location in the largest building on the bottom floor next to the front entrance.

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#4 – Holly Hedges

On the north side, you’ll find one right next to the reboot van.

#5 – Sweaty Sands

Right in front of the “food, fishing, fun” pier sign

#6 – Salty Springs

Right in the middle of the popular landing location right next to the reboot can like several other Fortnite birthday cake locations.

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#7 – Doom’s Domain

In front of the yellow house at Doom’s Domain and near the Doctor Doom statue.

#8 – Dirty Docks

On the north side of Dirty Docks, it’s by the stairs that lead down to the reboot can. When dropping, look for the reboot van and you should see the birthday cake.

#9 – Retail Row

In the middle of Retail Row in the car park, a stone throw away from the reboot van.

#10 – Lazy Lake

Right outside the largest building in Lazy Lake.

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