Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite World Cup – Competitive Season 2018-2019

Epic have announced the Fortnite World Cup as the eSports initiative for Fortnite. They have posted a blog post explaining more about the $100...

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch is Available Today!

It's official, the biggest game in the world is coming to the Nintendo Switch. After all the rumours and leaks, Fortnite will be vailable...
PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack 2

PlayStation Exclusive Skin is Now Available

The PlayStation Exclusive skin is now available to download from the PlayStation Store. The pack is called Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack...
Fortnite World Cup Skins

Leaked Footage of the World Cup Fortnite Skins Customization

Instagram user, JH9, popular for providing the Fortnite community with in-game footage of skins and emotes before release, has leaked footage on the World...
Wingman Starter Pack

Wingman Starter Pack Now Available to Purchase

The Wingman Starter Pack that was leaked yesterday is now available to purchase for $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99. Here is what you get in...
Editing Styles of Fortnite Skins Concept

Editing Styles of Fortnite Skins Concept

The Carbide and Omega skins are skins that are awarded in the Battle Pass for Season 4. In the V4.4 update, players are now...
Fortnite Season X Week 5 Blockbuster Challenges Leaked

The Much Anticipated Fortnite Battle Royale Blockbuster Skin Has Been Leaked

Season 4 bought about many different changes to Fortnite Battle Royale, including the addition of Blockbuster Challenges. The Blockbuster Challenges required players to complete...
Pro-Am Tournament

50 Gamers & 50 Celebrities Competing in the Pro-Am Tournament at E3

Epic Games have released all the gamers and celebrities that will be competing in the Pro-Am Tournament at E3 this year. The event will...
Fortnite Leaked LTM's - Limited Time Modes

New Score Royale & Final Fight LTM’s Datamined

Epic Games are always adding new Limited Time Modes to Fortnite Battle Royale to change up the normal Battle Royale Mode. There have been...

Footage of Leaked Emotes Found in the V4.4 Update

There have been five new emotes that have been found in the V4.4 update and you can see the names and rarities of these...