Blitz Mode is now LIVE!

UPDATE: Blitz Mode is now LIVE on a squads playlist. Epic Games had teased that an LTM would be coming known as Blitz. In this...

Update/Patch Notes V.3.3.0 – Supply Llamas & Remote Explosives

As always, Epic Games has release yet another update, with this weeks update bringing supply llamas and remote explosives. Remote explosives have now been added...

Fortnite Mobile FAQ

Epic have answered many of your questions in a Reddit post. We have added them here and if there are any other questions you...

Bullseye Bug

For Season 3 Week 3, one of the challenges for players to complete was the "Land on Different Bullseyes" challenge. To complete this challenge,...

Custom Games for Fortnite Update

Custom games are something the community is looking forward to in Battle Royale, as it will switch up the way people play. There are so...

Here’s When Fortnite Codes will be Issued

Paul Tassi at Forbes spoke with Epic Creative Director Donald Mustard and reported the following: "I spoke with Epic Creative Director Donald Mustard who told me...

Fortnite Mobile Trailer is Here!

This has all been captured right from the device! To find out more about signing up click here.

Fortnite for Mobile is now Live!

Epic Games have decided to take Fortnite to mobile, stating that the gameplay will be exactly the same, including weekly updates. Fortnite will first...

Increase Drop Rate of Launch Pads

Launch Pads are items that are used to either glide away or glide to enemies and are particularly useful to use to escape the...
Remote Explosives in Fortnite

Leaked Items Coming to Fortnite Including C4’s and Egg Launcher!

There have been new files discovered by YouTuber DieBuddiesZocken, which show new items that could be coming to Fortnite. RC Rocket: Will be interesting to see...