Two new cosmetics were unencrypted after the Fortnite Item Shop updated last night, the Combo Cleaver and the No Sweat Emote/Dance.

Dataminer S1l0x managed to leak the Mecha Team Leader encrpyted skin beforehand, which was available in the Fortnite Item Shop yesterday. When purchasing the Mecha Team Leader Skin, players also get the built-in Turbocharged emote which you can see below:

Other new cosmetics available to purchase in the shop yesterday were the Team Mech and Team Monster emotes as well as the Mecha Team Wrap.

Two new cosmetics, which were previously encrypted by Epic, were unencrypted, and dataminers were quick to leak the two new cosmetics. ShiinaBR, a popular dataminer, posted a clip of a new emote that’ll be available to purchase in the Item Shop in the near future, No Sweat. This emote is essentially version 2 of the Floss Emote, which was available in the season 2 emote at tier 49. Here’s the No Sweat emote in action:

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The other cosmetic that was leaked is the Combo Cleaver Pickaxe, which is of rare rarity with the description, “Swining force”. Both the No Sweat emote and Combo Cleaver pickaxe arw part of the Final Showdown set.

Fortnite Combo Cleaver Pickaxe
Fortnite Combo Cleaver Pickaxe

As with any cosmetic leaks, there’s no information as to when these cosmetics will be available in the item shop, however, it seems likely we could see these newly leaked cosmetics available in the item shop tonight prior to the Final Showdown event, which will take place tomorrow, Saturday 20th at 7 PM BST.

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The no sweat emote being part of the final showdown set. Could that mean that more stuff like this are coming back?

Kirby Girl
Kirby Girl

I can see why the swords are part of the Final Showdown set, because we have the Mecha as a outfit now so assuming they’ll be what the Mecha Team Leader is gonna use in the fight, but the fact that this emote is part of the set? it’s called No Sweat so like, is the robot gonna do this emote when/if it defeats the monster??? not implying that would be bad, that would be amazing, and very Fortnite