Epic made some changes to shotguns in Season 5, with the following changes being made:

  • Shotguns will now indicate how many pellets hit, visible within the reticle.
  • Adjusted shotgun spread patterns to be consistent with no random variation.
  • Heavy Shotgun now fires 10 pellets rather than 5.
    • Maximum damage for the Heavy Shotgun remains unchanged.
  • After firing a shotgun, another shotgun cannot be fired for a very short time.

The player base seemed to be split on Double shotguns, with some complaining every time Epic tried to fix it, and others were happy that they weren’t getting into close fights they couldn’t win if they player they were fighting had mastered using two shotguns.

Reddit user eepicprimee decided to test out the double pumps and posted the video on Reddit:

RIP double shotty from FortNiteBR

In the Reddit post, players were commenting that the new meta is a shotgun following by a tac SMG, and others said the Drum Gun is much better at close range than shotguns anyway.

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One thing players did notice after the servers went live with Season 5 was the damage the Heavy Shotgun was doing, with players hitting over 300 with a headshot, and 140 with a body shot.

Video of the new broken heavy shotgun from FortNiteBR

This was quickly fixed by Epic, as confirmed by MrPopoTFS:


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1 year ago

Please fix it.. Epic please..Make shotguns as old times..

1 year ago

Honestly the new meta shotty/smg was heaps of fun for the first few days, it didn’t take long to adjust to at all and I’ve been wrecking everyone. But yesterday and today after work when I usually play fortnite I thought about how I spent the last yr almost rocking pump/tac or double pump and now it’s gone fortnite just seems boring and somewhat ‘restricted’ Because me and everyone else spent all ur wrecking scrubs with double shottys now the worlds cried and epic has censored it for you babies…makes me cringe a little to think epic will do to… Read more »