Epic Games have announced that the Driftboard will be delayed and won’t be releasing as intended tomorrow in the v7.10 update.

Epic Games have created a post on Reddit to state the Driftboard has been delayed in order to make some final quality of life changes and other polish improvements. They also stated they wanted players to use the new item as soon as possible, but want to ensure that the expectations for the Driftboard are met.

Fortnite driftboard vehicle
Fortnite driftboard

The V7.10 Fortnite update will still go ahead as planned and will still have tons of quality of life and balance improvements. We have already been made aware that vehicles will have a health bar, zipline issues will be fixed, and the Stormwing plane will have the explosion damage doubled from 25 to 50.

Here is the full statement:

Hey folks,

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We know we set the expectation for the Driftboard to release in the coming update. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to hold the release of this new vehicle to make some final quality of life changes and other polish improvements.

We want to get you out there carving up the slopes as soon as possible. However, our goal is to make sure that your experiences on the Driftboard are up to our expectations. We still have tons of quality of life and balance improvements on the way in v7.10.

UPDATE: V7.10 will not be releasing tomorrow and a new date has not been announced yet. We will keep you updated with the latest.

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