Epic Games have announced the new time and date for the v10.10 Fortnite patch update.

UPDATE: v10.10 Full, official patch notes added to the bottom of the post. Retail Row returns!

Epic Games announced the v10.10 Fortnite patch update on Monday. The update was originally slated to launch today, August 13th, however, last minute issues with the v10.10 build were discovered and the update was delayed. The announcement of the delay didn’t specify when the update would be, but the French Fortnite Twitter account confirmed it wouldn’t be releasing on August 13th.

Epic have now announced that the update will take place tomorrow, August 14th, with the Fortnite servers going down for maintenance at 4 AM ET (8 AM UTC). You can see the official tweet announcement below.

Whilst we haven’t had the usual message of the day update to announce what the next item Epic will be adding to Battle Royale, we do know a few things about the v10.10 update. B.R.U.T.E vehicles will receive a targeting laser, allowing players to see where a B.R.U.T.E is aiming it’s rockets.

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We’ll also likely see Mega Mall change into a different POI similar to what we saw with Neo Tilted changing to Tilted Town. A rift beacon was activated in Mega Mall on Monday, and the v10.10 Fortnite patch notes will likely mention what the new POI will be.

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