Epic had previously announced the official start date of Season 6 in Fortnite being the 27th September, three days after the end of Season 5. We usually see teasers very close to the launch date, and an Epic employee, Mr Popo, has confirmed that there will be teasers for Season 6 dropping next week. He had posted the following on Reddit: “Season 6 teasers on the way for next week. Enjoy the weekend!”

Drift and Ragnarok Max Styles in Fortnite Season 5

Players have now started to see the additional Match XP bonus, whilst others will be seeing it in the next few hours. This will help Battle Pass players reach Tier 100 much quicker and unlock the different styles for Ragnarok easily. Even if you do not unlock all the styles for Ragnarok before the end of the season, it is still possible to unlock all styles, even when the season ends, as confirmed by Mr Popo on Reddit: “As long as you unlock a progressive Outfit in the Battle Pass you’ll be able to continue unlocking that progression even after the current season. :)” You can read more about unlocking the Drift and Ragnarok styles here.

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