Here are all of the Fortnite Skins and cosmetics that have been leaked in today’s v11.40 update.

Epic Games had decided to extend the first season of Chapter 2 in Fortnite and it has been a while since the last update was released for the game. Today the v11.40 update was released and there are many cosmetics that have been leaked by data-miners.

These cosmetics include Skins, Back Blings, Pickaxes, Gliders, Emotes/Dances and Wraps. You can see all of the leaked cosmetics that have been found by data-miners in this update below.

Fortnite v11.40 Leaked Skins and Cosmetics

The following cosmetics have been in the v11.40 files by data-miner @VastBlastt. We will let you know the names and rarities of each cosmetic as soon as they have been confirmed:

As previously mentioned, we will let you know the names and rarities of all these leaked cosmetics and better quality images of all. The majority of these cosmetics will be available to purchase for V-Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop. The price of the cosmetics will of course depend on the type and rarity.

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There are many cosmetics that have been leaked in this update and we should be seeing the majority of these appearing in the Item Shop in the upcoming weeks, but there is no way of knowing exactly when they will be released.

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5 months ago

This is a couple progressive skins short of an entire battle pass… Thoughts?