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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 1 Challenges


We have a brand new set of Fortnite challenges for season 3.

The Fortnite servers are back up after maintenance and players are free to roam the new map. With a new season brings a brand new set of challenges. The HQ that was in season 2 has been replaced although the challenge table still remains.

Unlike previous seasons, there’s only seven weekly challenges to complete instead of the 10 we’ve become accustomed to. There’s also one new challenge every week as part of the Aquaman set challenges.

There’s also no names for the challenges like we’ve seen in Fortnite for some time, and players can earn 35,000 season XP for every challenge they complete.

Fortnite challenges are usually released on Thursday’s as new seasons launch on Thursday. With Epic delaying the season and changing it up by releasing a new season on Wednesday, we could see new challenges every Wednesday from now on.

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Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 Challenges

Here’s the list of challenges you’ll need to complete for the first week of season 3. It seems like players could get these challenges done fairly quickly. There’s only a couple of challenges that may require a guide, and we’ll be posting them as soon as possible.

Click on the challenges below for a detail guide on how to complete them.

  • Damage Loot Sharks at Sweaty Sands (200)
  • Deal damage within 10s of landing from the whirlpool at Hydro 16 (1)
  • Enter Catty Corner Vault (1)
  • Find Gnomes at Homely Hills (3)
  • Search chests or ammo boxes at Rickety Rig (7)
  • Land at Misty Meadows and finish top 25 (1)
  • Eliminations at Steamy Stacks (3)

There were some loading screens leaked from today’s update, but we’re not sure if players can get these as a reward for completing all of the weekly challenges. With the Fortnite challenge table still being used by Epic, it’s hard to tell.

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Anyway, stay tuned as we release guides on how to complete some of these challenges as quickly as possible.

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