Home News Fortnite Comic Book: Part 5 & Final season 4 Teaser (6) Image

Fortnite Comic Book: Part 5 & Final season 4 Teaser (6) Image


The final teaser image for Fortnite Season 4 has been released along with the final part of the comic book.

We’re under 24 hours away from a brand new season of Fortnite Battle Royale. After 70 days of season 3, we’ll be moving onto the Marvel themed season 4. Epic released the first teaser image for the new season on Saturday, and since then we’ve had an additional 3 teaser images.

We’ve also had 4 parts to the Fortnite comic book that’s available by going to the Battle Pass tab and clicking the comic book located in the bottom right corner. The parts before the newly released one explain why Thor has visited the Fortnite world and gives has a good understanding of events in chapter 1 including The Visitors tapes and how he mentioned forgetting and being muted like the others.

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With Chapter 2 season 4 launching tomorrow, Epic Games have released the final teaser along with the final part of the Fortnite comic book, part 5.

Fortnite Season 4 Teaser 6 (Final Teaser)

When the first teaser was released, data-miner Vastblast leaked the next two images which were the ‘E’ and ‘X’. As soon as this was leaked, players predicted the teaser would spell out the word ‘NEXUS’. Sure enough, the teaser have indeed spelt out Nexus with the final teaser image being release which you can check out below.

Fortnite Comic Book: Part 5 Iron man, Groot and more

So far in the Comic books, we’ve seen Thor come to the Fortnite island, fight some Fortnite characters, temporarily losing his memory and dropping his hammer, and Sif being warned of Thor’s troubles as Galactus makes his way to the Fortnite world.

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Part 5 of the Fortnite comic, the final part of the comic, has now been released which you can take a look at below.

Fortnite Marvel Comic Page 9

Fortnite Comic book part 5
Fortnite Comic book part 5

Fortnite Marvel Comic Page 10


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