Here’s a quick walkthrough guides for the Infernum creative island in order to complete the “collect the final boss room pumpkin in the featured island Infernum”.

The Fortnitemares 2019 event ends tomorrow at 23:59pm ET. There’s a total of six challenges for the Fortnitemares challenges and seventeen Creative Curse challenges.

One of the challenges requires players to collect the final boss room pumpkin in the featured island Infernum. The island takes some time to complete on the first try, so we have so quick tips in our walkthrough guide to help you complete the challenge as quickly as possible.

Complete the Infernum creative island and collect the pumpkin in the last room Walkthrough

The infernum Fortnite creative island is fairly easy to complete, but it can be quite tedious. If you die, you respawn at a checkpoint. The island requires you to slay fiends, take down some bosses, and destroy some gates to advance. Here’s a few tips:

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Break/Destroy the gates with your Infinity Blade Sword

At the start of the game, you can collect the Infinity Blade. In order to progress through the dungeon, you’ll need to break the gates that you come across. Kill the fiends in the room and break the gates to advance.

Shoot at or smash the Purple Cubes

Eventually, you’ll find that your path will get blocked whilst trying to advance through the Infernum island. Smash the purple cubes you find around the map in order to advance.

Shoot the Glowing Circle/ball Orbs

At a certain stage, you’ll find three glowing circle orbs on the side. In order to advance, you need to shoot at them and jump down the hole in the middle.

Final Boss -- Destroy/shoot the purple cube, collect the final boss room pumpkin

Near the end, you’ll need to destroy the large purple cube that’s being help up by vines. You just need to keep shooting at it until the purple cube explodes. Once this is done, you jump down where the purple cube was, go through a couple of doors and you’ll find the final boss room pumpkin.

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Fortnite Infernum Final boss Pumpkin
Fortnite Infernum Final boss Pumpkin

Here’s a quick 7 minute walkthough guide if you’re still stuck on the island:

Fortnite: infernum creative collect pumpkin

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Janice G
Janice G
6 months ago

Lol this was a “strictly solo” game, but I managed to get in with another person and we played