Here’s where players can find and visit Deadpool’s Yacht.

It’s week 7 of the Fortnite Deadpool challenges which means players can unlock the Deadpool skin by completing all of the challenges up to week 7. There’s also a mini Deadpool event taking place.

The Deadpool Fortnite event was leaked by data-miners from the v12.30 files. They leaked how some parts of the map will change and how the Battle Bus and supply drops will be Deadpool themed.

There was also a leak that Deadpool will be presenting the Fortnite Item Shop with animations leaking of how it’ll look.

Something that data-miners didn’t manage to leak with the v12.30 Fortnite update was the addition of one extra challenge for Deadpool in Fortnite.

The challenge is quite simple, but goes with the mini Fortnite Deadpool event that’s taking place. You can take a look at the challenge along with a quick guide on how to complete it below.

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Visit Deadpool’s Yacht Fortnite

With the Deadpool Fortnite event, there’s been some changes to the map. There’s a Deadpool Battle Bus and Deadpool supply drops. The official Deadpool Twitter account tweeted out yesterday that will be coming to the game today.

Find Deadpool's Yacht
Find Deadpool’s Yacht

There was an image in the tweet which focused on the Yacht in Fortnite. Leaks previosly showcased what The Yacht location would look like with the new Deadpool theme, and the image tweeted by Deadpool confirmed a retheme for the yacht.

A new challenge was decrypted today for Deadpool which requires players to find Deadpool’s Yacht. The reward is a music pack, and you can find Deadpool’s Yacht at the normal location where The Yacht Named Location is, towards the top right corner of the map.

Deadpool's Yacht Location
Deadpool’s Yacht Location

Simply drop down on Deadpool’s Yacht to complete this challenge and unlock the reward.

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There’s also two other challenges for week 7, and you can take a look at a guide on how to complete them below:

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