Epic have released a Dev update for Fortntie Battle Royale discussing the SMG Changes, Remote Explosives and changes to the Guided missile, which will be making a return to the game.

SMG Changes

Epic recently made some changes to the SMGs, as the community felt they were overpowered. Changes have been made to make them more in line being a balanced weapon in just close quater combat.

Remote Explosives

Epic made some changes to the remote explosives (C4), decreasing the blast radius of damage and ensuring that they are stuck to an object before they are detonated. The community still feels they are found too easily, and they’ll be looking to make changes to the drop rate which could be made in the next major update, V5.2.

Guided Missile

The guided missile is more of a scouting tool than a high damage threat, including reduced movement speed, reduced damage radius and includes the ammo cap of just 12 rockets. They’ve also changed the mouse and keyboard mobility to bring it more in line with the controller experience.

Battle Royale Update (7/27) - SMG Changes, Remote Explosives and A Returning Item

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Marek Daňo
Marek Daňo

Good game

ISilver .
ISilver .

gg guided is back, i used to love it


there is a glitch about the cake i got the 5th cake and went down to four now i cant complete it