Here’s where to complete the Downtown Drop “hit any trickjumps on either the crane, elevated train, or fence” Fortnite challenge.

Two new Fortnite Downtown Drop LTM challenges unlock each day, and two new challenges have recently unlocked. The two new challenges can be seen below:

  • Hit any of the trickjumps on either the crane, elevated train, or fence
  • Jump through all 6 flaming hoops

The jump through all 6 flaming hoops is pretty easy, the hoops can be spotted from afar, and it’s a straightforward challenge to complete. However, players may not know how to complete the “hit any of the trickjumps on either the crane, elevated train, or fence”. This is one of the rate challenges where players have the option of where to complete the challenge.

Where to hit any of the trickjumps on either the crane, elevated train, or fence

There’s a crane right at the end of the Fortnite Downtown Drop LTM map, right before the elevator. You’ll find the crane on the right hand side, which also has coins and a flaming hoop on it. In order to complete the trickjump, you simply need to slide on the crane. Here’s the crane in-game:

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Trickjump on a crane
Trickjump on a crane

The elevated train can be found on the third slope, which comes after the two food trucks that are in the corner. You’ll need to gain speed, stick to the left hand side and use the tramp to get on top of the balcony, which you’ll then need to take a second ramp to get onto the platform where the elevated train is.

There’s another ramp on the elevated train, which you just need to slide on and go over the elevated train. This is one of the harder ones, and as you only need to hit a trickjump on any three of the locations, it’s not recommended to do this one. Here’s the elevated train in-game:

Elevated train
Elevated train

The fence can be found at the bottom of the very first slope on the left hand side. It’s the fences for the basketball court. You’ll need to gain speed and stick to the left and try and utilize the ramp. You’ll need to slide on the fence in order to complete the trickjump. You can also use the impulse grenades to launch yourself onto the fence. Here’s the fence in-game:

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Trickjump fence
Trickjump fence
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