Here’s the telescope locations for the For the Gnomes Fortnite hidden quest/challenge.

Epic Games released the v12.30 Fortnite update yesterday. As usual, there were a number of leaks that emerged from the update including upcoming skins, challenges, items, and more.

Thanks to leaks, we know that two secret Fortnite challenges/quest lines were added in the update. There’s two different quest lines, For the Gnomes and the Ted Offensive Plans. The Ted Offensive Plans quest/challenge requires players to find the plans in a hidden location and then find different honey pots around the map.

Upon completing these two challenges/quest lines, players will be rewarded with 40,000 season XP which is a heft chunk, especially considering the fact that this season is harder than last season in terms of levelling up.

In this article, we’ll be going over the For the Gnomes challenge. You’ll need to find telescopes around the map that have gnomes next to them. You’ll then need to aim the telescopes and five different locations. Below you’ll find a guide on everything you need to know.

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For The Gnomes Fortnite

Gnome Telescope Locations

You’ll find all of the telescopes around Weeping Woods. Each telescope has at least one gnome right next to it. You’ll need to aim the telescopes in order to complete this challenge at five different locations.

Upon aiming the telescope, you’ll hear the gnome next to the telescope make a sound. The telescopes are looking up by default, when you go up to them and interact them with, they’ll lower and aim at a particular house in Weeping Woods. After aiming the telescope, the gnome next to it will disappear.

Here’s what the telescope and gnomes look like in-game:

For the Gnomes Fortnite Hidden Quest
For the Gnomes Fortnite Hidden Quest

We’ve marked all of telescope gnome locations on the Weeping Woods map below. We’ve tried marking them as accurately as possible. If you’re around the marker, you won’t be able to miss the colourful gnomes of the large telescopes they’re behind.

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For the Gnomes Telescope Gnome Locations Map
For the Gnomes Telescope Gnome Locations Map

Here’s a video guide of the locations:

For the Gnomes! Hidden Quest Guide (All 5 Gnome Telescope Locations) Locations - Fortnite Free XP

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