Here’s where you can find a lump of coal in Fortnite to complete today’s Winterfest challenge.

It’s day 10 of the Fortnite Christmas Winterfest event which means a new weapon or item has been unvaulted, an LTM returns, and a new challenge is available, which once completed, will provide players with a free cosmetic reward.

Today’s challenge is to deal damage to an opponent with a Lump of Coal. Upon completing the challenge, players will be rewarded with the 2020 Kickflip Back Bling as shown below.

2020 Kickflip Back Bling
2020 Kickflip Back Bling

Here’s everything you need to know about the Lump of Coal in Fortnite including where you can get it.

Fortnite Lump of coal

Where and how to find/get coal in Fortnite

Epic Games released patch notes for the v11.30 update, but they missed out a bunch of information from the notes. Something that they decided not to include was the introduction of the lump of coal in Fortnite.

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The lump of coal in Fortnite is a common item that is throwable. It can be thrown into  burning campfire to stoke it instead of using 30 wood. When you find coal, you’ll find it in stacks of 5.

Fortnite Lump of Coal
Fortnite Lump of Coal via Bodil40

When throwing a lump of coal in Fortnite, you’ll deal 20 damage to a player if you successfully hit them.

If you’re wondering where to find the lump of coal in Fortnite, you can find it in presents and ice boxes that are scattered around the Fortnite map. You can’t find it in chests or floor loot, so you’ll have to find presents or a ice box (not frozen loot) in order to get a lump of coal.

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