Epic Games have addressed the ongoing Fortnite mobile issues, providing the top issues they’ve identified on mobile.

Fortnite Mobile
Fortnite Mobile

Epic Games have announced in a blog post that they’ll be making a major shift to focus more on the issues currently affecting Fortnite mobile. Here are the top issues that have been identified on mobile which Epic plan to tackle first:

  • Unable to Build
    • We are currently investigating a variety of building issues and hope to have more information.
    • Got info to share? Drop it here!
  • Reset button will not apply when user slides along the button when editing a wall
    • Fixed in v7.30.1
  • Temporary loss of ‘ADS’ functionality upon switching between weapons
    • Fixed in v7.40
  • Deleting then reinstalling the Fortnite app will reset the user’s HUD Layout
    • Fixed in v7.40
  • No spectator icon appears after killing a player on mobile.
    • Fixed in v7.40
  • Double tapping from a weapon to a consumable briefly fires the equipped weapon (visual bug)
    • Fixed in v7.40

*If we learn new information is discovered or a fix is now arriving in a later update the change will be reflected in the above list

We launched mobile controller support this past week in the v7.30 update and it has been awesome seeing all the folks sharing how they play, as well as feedback on the feel. You can expect additional controller feel improvements over the next few updates as we shift additional development efforts to tackling the key issues you’re experiencing.

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