Here’s the location of where you’ll find mountain base camps on the Fortnite Chapter 2 map in order to visit them for the 8-Ball Vs. Scratch overtime challenge.

The second and third Fortnite Chapter 2 Overtime mission challenges were released today after server maintenance for the v11.40 update. One of the missions is for 8-Ball Vs. Scratch.

Upon completing the 8-Ball Vs. Scratch overtime challenges, players will unlock the gold version of 8-ball as well as earning 52,000 season xp for every challenge completed. Unlike the Rippley vs Sludge overtime challenges, there’s a number of challenges that require players to know several unknown location on the chapter 2 map.

One of the 8-Ball Vs. Scratch challenges requires players to visit one mountain base camp. We’ve created a locations guide below with three possible locations you can visit in order to complete this challenge.

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Fortnite Mountain Base Camp Locations

You’ll only need to visit one of the three mountain base camp locations. All three mountain base camps are located within close proximity of one another. Depending on how many people drop at these locations to complete the challenge, it doesn’t really matter which one you decide to land/visit.

Here’s what the mountain base camps look like in-game. They’ll have a bunch of tents at the mountain base camps along with some lights and wooden boxes. All three base camps looks the same as one another. The only difference are two of the camps are in the snow biome whilst the other is in the grass biome on the further west mountain.

Fortnite mountain base camps
Fortnite mountain base camps

Here’s all three mountain base camp locations marked on a map:

Fortnite Mountain Base Camps Map Locations
Fortnite Mountain Base Camps Map Locations

Remember, you only need to visit one of these camps to complete the challenge. Thankfully, there’s no dancing or any other funny business required to complete this challenge. Simply drop down, visit, and the challenge will be completed. Have fun!

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