Here is the location of the oversized piano and here’s how to play the music sheet for the Boogie Down Mission, Fortnite Season X, Week 6 Challenge/Objective.

The Fortnite Season X, Week 6 Boogie Down Mission is now live and there are seven normal and seven prestige objectives/challenges to complete. The prestige objectives will unlock once you have completed the normal ones for this Mission.

One of the normal objectives/challenges for the Boogie Down Mission is to visit an oversized piano. The prestige version of this challenge is to play the music sheet and this article will show you how to complete both of these challenges.

Fortnite Oversized Piano Location

The oversized piano has been used in challenges in past for Fortnite and the location of the piano is southeast of Lonely Lodge. It can actually be seen on the map, but we have circled the location on the map below a sit can be hard to see.

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Fortnite Oversized Piano Map Location
Fortnite Oversized Piano Map Location

For the normal challenge/objective, you simply have to visit the oversized piano and you should get a notification on your screen to show you have completed the challenge. Here is what the piano looks like in-game:

Fortnite Oversized Piano Location
Fortnite Oversized Piano Location

Play the sheet music at an oversized piano

The prestige version of this challenge is to actually play the sheet music, which can be found in front of the piano. This is quite easy to do, but first, here is what the sheet music looks like:

Fortnite Music Sheet
Fortnite Music Sheet

To complete this objective, you will need to step on and off the piano on the right keys that are shown on the music sheet. The Music Sheet shows the keys:


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So to complete this challenge, simply walk on and off of the keys shown above. You cannot walk on the piano to get to the next letter, as you not be playing the music correctly as the keys are not next to each other.

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