Here’s where you can find and collect the floating rings at Pleasant Park in order to complete the week 4 Fortnite challenges.

We’re already onto week 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. In the v13.20 update, the challenges for week 3 to week 5 were leaked by data-miners. However, there were 8 challenges that leaked for week 3 when there were only 7 available.

For the week 4 challenges, there were a total of nine challenges leaked, which you can check out here, but it seems likely only 7 of these challenges will go live later at 2 PM BST. We don’t know for sure if there’ll be 7 challenges or all 9 challenges that have been leaked, however, we’ll update this with a link to the challenges once their live.

One of the week 4 Fortnite challenges will require players to collect floating rings at Pleasant Park (or not depending on how many challenges go live). Last week, players needed to collect floating rings at Lazy Lake. It seems like the floating rings challenges will be a regular challenge this season.

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Anyway, here’s a quick guide to help you collect the floating rings at Pleasant Park as quickly as possible.

Collect Floating Rings at Pleasant Park Locations

In order to complete this challenge, you’ll need to collect just one floating ring at Pleasant Park according to leaks, but that could be wrong or change when the challenges go live. We’ll update the amount of rings you need to collect if it does change.

You’ll find the first floating ring at Pleasant Park towards the south west side of the popular named location by a container and zip line and shown below:

From the above location, take the zip line all the way to the windmill and you’ll find another ring there.

From that floating ring, take the zip line to the right side and continue until your on the next windmill where there’s another ring.

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You’ll once again need to take the next zip line on the current windmill you’re on in the image above. At the end of the line, there’s another ring to collect.

This is a very easy challenge to complete due to players being able to quickly access each floating ring at Pleasant Park using the zip lines.

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