Here’s everything you need to know about Propane Tanks in Fortnite including how and where to destroy structures with Propane tanks.

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Week 3 challenges will go live soon, but thanks to dataminers, we know what the challenges will be. One of the challenges requires players to destroy structures with Propane Tanks, which makes sense as it’s TNTinas’ Trial challenges.

If you’re not aware of what Propane Tanks are or where you can find them on the map, we’ve covered everything you need to know below.

Fortnite Propane Tanks

Where to find them

You’ll be able to find an abundance of Propane tanks at new The Rig Fortnite location. Dropping here will give you a good overview of where you’ll find Propane tanks. Here’s what they look like:

Propane Tanks Fortnite

You’ll find them everywhere at the rig, with a few forklifts having two propane tanks on a wooden pallet. You’ll also find single tanks as you run around the rig.

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There’s also a room to the south of The Rig that contains five tanks. Here’s the location of that room marked on the map below:

Propane Tank Locations Fortnite

How to destroy structures

In order to destroy structures with propane tanks, players can either walk up to them and pick them up to throw them or they can shoot or pickaxe them. You’ll need to throw the propane tanks quite far and hit a structure for them to go off by throwing them.

The best way to destroy structures with propane tanks is to shoot them or pickaxe them when they’re by a structure. If they’re not, simply walk up to them, pick them up and place them by a structure and shoot them or pickaxe them. You’ll need to destroy 10 different structures in order to complete this challenge.

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The challenge might work by building wooden walls and destroying a propane tank to destroy the structure, which would make this challenge much easier to complete. However, as we’re writing this guide prior to the challenges releasing, we’re not sure if it’ll work.

If it does work, we’ll update this article as soon as possible as it’ll take some time to destroy structures with propane tanks at the rig as all of the structures are metal.

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