Epic Games have released another blog post with an update on Fortnite Save the World cosmetics including an progress update on weapon wraps in STW.

Prior to the launch of Fortnite Season X, Epic announced that they’re working on allowing cosmetics from Battle Royale to transfer and be used in Save the World as they develop a locker for the PvE version of the game.

A new update has been released by Epic today announcing that pickaxes will be coming to the Save The World locker in the v10.20 patch update that’ll be available next week. The cosmetic update also stated that players will be granted cosmetic versions of every single pickaxe that you’ve unlocked in Save the World. These cosmetic versions will be available in Creative, Save the World and Battle Royale.

Epic also provided an update on weapon wraps in Save the World. The update states that good progress has been made on weapons wraps, however, there is still a lot of art-work required to successfully make every single weapn look good with the wraps. The wraps will not be ready until after Season 11 launches. You can read the full blog post on Save the World cosmetics below:

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Pickaxes will have a few issues to start with, but over time we’ll resolve the following known issues:

  • When you select a Style for Pickaxes, the default Style is displayed in the Locker, rather than the style you selected.  However, this is purely visual and the correct style will be displayed when you are in zone.
  • The Banner Pickaxe Emblematic uses the banner icon and color you have selected in Battle Royale, not in Save the World.
  • Not all reactive Pickaxes will “react” just yet in Save the World.  We have to address these issues case-by-case and determine what conditions should activate them.  Most of these are tied to player damage, eliminations, or survival in Battle Royale, which won’t translate correctly into Save the World.  Wherever we can find a parallel system to use, we will; if there’s no clear parallel, we have to re-evaluate what we can do for specific reactive Pickaxes.
  • When players launch into a zone within the first five seconds of the lobby countdown, they may end up with Battle Royale’s default Pickaxe instead of their cosmetic selection.  We’ve already put in a partial fix, but we’re still tracking down the final cause to fix it completely.


We’re making good progress on Weapon Wraps. There’s still a lot of art-work required to make to make every weapon look great with Wraps.  We have a vast collection of different weapons, and want to spend time setting them up and polishing them so that each one feels unique and works with the Wrap system. We’re still hard at work on this feature, and estimate they won’t be ready until after the start of the next Season.


We haven’t forgotten about melee!  Melee Weapon Wraps require both additional code support and art passes on the entire Melee Weapon collection.  Wraps are an extremely cool feature and we want to make sure that they look good on every weapon that they can be applied to, especially melee.  We’re pushing forward to get this added and will release Melee Weapon Wraps alongside Ranged Weapon Wraps, or shortly after.

We’ll have more information in a future blog about the rest of cosmetic Locker support.

SOURCEEpic Games
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