The full trailer video for Fortnite Season 10 has been leaked by Fortnite Brazil. UPDATE: The official trailer has been released.

Fortnite Season 10 will launch tomorrow, August 1st and Epic have been releasing teasers since Sunday.  The first teaser was released during the Fortnite World Cup Solo’s and Epic recently released the fourth and final teaser, which was a short video showing the orb at Loot Lake exploding.

Here’s the fourth and final teaser if you missed it:

According to Twitter user @evaldokkkk, Fortnite Brazil accidentally tweeted out the entire Fortnite Season 10 trailer video instead of the teaser. It’s likely the Fortnite Brazil account accidentally tweeted the wrong video as teaser 4 and the start of the season 10 trailer are exactly the same.

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UPDATE: The official trailer for Fortnite Season X has now been posted on YouTube on the official Fortnite account and can be seen in HD below.

Fortnite - Season X - Story Trailer

As you can see in the trailer, once the orb at Loot Lake explodes, Jonesy is thrust into space and finds floating objects from the past including the rocket from season 4 which goes through a rift, the tactical SMG which is currently in the vault, the floating Loot Lake island from Season 6 and more.

The season 10 trailer ends with Jonesy landing back on the map, which shows Dusty Depot in the background, something that was hinted at in the very first teaser. The orb has effectively gone back in time before the meteor hit in season 4, so we could potentially see a Fortnite Battle Royale map similar to season 4 with some new POIs.

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After seeing this trailer, are you excited for season 10? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Kirby Girl
Kirby Girl

Jonesy always gets the short end of the stick :-[

Kirby Girl
Kirby Girl

some people have noticed and are confused why it seems like the volcano and lazy lagoon and all that stuff are still on the map, even though the meteor has kinda, “rewinded” but tbh all the meteor did was cause the rocket, which caused the rift, which caused the cube, and that was it? the iceberg hitting the map, which caused the volcano, which caused the pirate season and eruption, which caused the future, wasn’t really related to the rocket/rift/cube chain of events, so it makes sense that those still would’ve happened to the map, even if the meteor chain… Read more »

Kirby Girl
Kirby Girl

even if this isn’t the case I think Season X’s theme is less “the Entire Map being rewinded” and more “all of the timelines being a bit scrambled together” ? at least it seems that way, so like, it makes sense to have stuff from recent events Still on the map regardless

I’ll be honest thinking too much about all this time travel and timelines is starting to make my head hurt ahah, hopefully Fortnite do a better job explaining it when the Season starts tomorrow


Hi How are you likeing Season X so far?