Fortnite challenges are released every week on Thursdays and in Season 5, the seven challenges that were originally only for Battle Pass players have been split up to have three Free Pass Challenges and four Battle Pass Challenges. The official challenges can only been seen in-game when they go live and not before. Week 4 challenges are currently showing as locked in-game, but thanks to Fortnite Tracker, we know the challenges that will be released for Season 5, Week 4, as seen below:

Fortnite Leaked Challenges for Season 5, Week 4

Free Pass Challenges

  • Build Structures (250)
  • Jump through flaming hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK (5)
  • Eliminate players in Dusty Divot (HARD) (3)

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (500)
  • Search chests in Flush Factory (7)
  • Search between a gas station, soccer pitch, and Stunt Mountain (HARD) (1)
  • Pistol Eliminations (HARD) (3)

Building structures should be a very easy challenge to complete as Fortnite is known for its building mechanism and building is what sets this game apart from other Battle Royale style games. Building is an essential skill for players to master in Fortnite, as it will help you to get the upper hand in fights and can provide defense when needed.

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The flaming hoops will likely be added to Fortnite when the challenges go live on Thursday and we will be releasing a map with the locations of the flaming hoops on the Fortnite map as soon as they become known.

Dusty Divot has gone a lot quieter with the addition of Paradise Palms and it seems as though there is less loot in this season, compared to the last season at this POI. It seems as though Epic are trying to get players back to this location by having an elimination challenge at Dusty, so be prepared for more players dropping at this location this week.

In week 2, one of the challenges for players to complete was to get two sniper rifle eliminations. This week, players are only required to deal damage with sniper rifle to opponents. If you have not yet completed the sniper rifle challenge from week 2, you may be able to complete the challenges at the same time on Thursday.

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It looks like Fatal Fields will also be busier as one of the challenges for this week required players to search seven chests in this POI. Searching chests in different POI’s has become one of the staple challenges in Fortnite. This is an easy way for Epic to get players to land in different areas of the map.

Another challenge that seems to make a regular appearance is the search between.. challenges. We will have a guide to show how to complete this challenge and we will mark the exact location on the Fortnite map. We will also be releasing a video on this challenge for those that prefer to watch.

As always, we will be releasing tips and guides for the challenges that require them when the challenges go live on Thursday. We will also be releasing a cheat sheet that should help you to complete all the challenges for Season 5 Week 4 in Fortnite.

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NOTE: These challenges could change, but the majority will be correct, if not all. These challenges are currently in the files, but Epic could change them if they choose. We will be releasing the official challenges when they go live on Thursday.

Co-founder, Lead Writer and Finance at Fortnite Insider. Khadija has been gaming for more than 10 years in her free time, playing mainly FPS and Fortnite with over 500 hours played. Khadija specializes in challenge guides and breaking news. BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance. Contact: [email protected]

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